Customer & Housekeeper Stories

Read about how our customers and housekeepers connect via Fairy

Mark and Laciena

Laciena has been our favorite Fairy partner housekeeper since July of last year. She’s been with us since day 1 of our current office location. Laciena has such a warm, caring presence and for that we look forward to her daily visits. We’re grateful for having lucked out on such an awesome Fairy partner housekeeper! We consider her an essential member of our Kaliber Labs family - she eats with us, puts up with our crazy office personalities (and mess), and we’ve gotten to know more about her and her family. A cozy home is what keeps a family together, and Laciena keeps our office clean and cozy!

Mark, SF

I have had the pleasure of getting to know many of my customers quite well. One customer in particular is Mark Ruiz and his team at Kaliber Labs. Every time that I come they greet me with smiles and enthusiasm. They always say they`ve missed me and they ask about my son. They offer me lunch sometimes and when I have time we chat about business and our families. They also gave me a generous Christmas gift. I really appreciate their loyalty as customers!

Laciena, primary housekeeper, SF

Ashley and Christine

When my youngest was born I had 2 kids under the age of 2, I was so busy with them that my daily chores at home would fall behind. Once we found Christine my life drastically changed, she is there to help with laundry or cleaning so that I can spend more time with my children. She feels like family now! My 2 year old loves her and knows her by name. She always shows up with a smile on her face, she is caring and sweet... we love having her around!

Ashley, NY

I was at a unit doing my usual cleaning and my customer had to pick up her older child from school early due to an emergency, she asked me to watch her 2 month old baby till she came back.... I felt so good to know she trusted me enough to watch the little bundle of joy!! Our relationship has extended way beyond a hsker/customer relationship and that makes me feel like am doing my job to the best of my ability!!

Christine, primary housekeeper, NY

Renu and Naty

Naty has become family to our entire building! She brings such great energy into our home everyday. Everyone in the building loves Naty and we are so thankful to have her come into our home everyday!

Renu, SF

I really enjoy cleaning Renu's place! She makes me feel so welcome every time I come into her home and it makes so happy. It is so fulfilling to know that I make her family so happy and I look forward to cleaning her place everyday!

Naty, primary housekeeper, SF

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