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Safety and Trust

How do the background checks work?

Security and trust are our top priorities at Fairy.

As a result, all our housekeeping partners are chosen with the utmost care.

Before assigning a housekeeping partner to your neighborhood, he or she has to successfully pass a background check through Checkr. Our housekeeping partners have to be cleared in every section before beginning work.

The Checkr Background Check sections include:

  • SSN Verification
  • Sex Offender Search
  • Terrorist Watchlist Search
  • National Criminal Search
  • County Criminal Search

Does my housekeeper keep my keys?

No. For safety and security reasons, Fairy has a strict policy that prohibits any of our housekeeping partners from keeping any master or spare keys on their person. Our partners are required to check all borrowed keys back at the front desk when leaving a building or to return the key to the appropriate lockbox.

What type of lock boxes do you supply in the case my building does not have a concierge desk?

If your building does not have a concierge desk but allows lockboxes, we will be happy to provide you with this lock box model. You will be able to store a spare set of keys (sealed with a code), which will allow our housekeeping partners to access your unit when you are not present during their designated cleaning time.

You are also free to use your own lockbox. Please remember to include the access code on your online profile.

If you are not comfortable with this procedure for any reason, let us know and we will be happy to work out a solution with you.

Is my online payment secure?

We use Stripe to process payments, which uses https. We never store any credit card information on our servers.

How does Fairy’s insurance coverage work?

We protect you from cases of damage and theft on a case by case basis if your primary insurance is not able to cover your damage. Though all of our housekeeping partners are vetted and background checked before they are allowed on the platform, we recommend that you avoid leaving large sums of cash or valuables visible in your home. If you’re concerned about potential theft, we highly recommend using a safe or installing a video camera in your home.

In the unfortunate event that an incident does occur, you will be asked to file a police report for all losses greater than $200. We will then follow up with the police about the report and after they have conducted and completed a full investigation, our insurance company can then pursue further action. The entire process can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months, depending on the situation.

If the insurance claim is approved by our provider, you will sign a release form and then be paid out via check within two weeks.

What do I do if I discover something is missing?

You should immediately reach out to our support team on our live chat. We will follow up with you as soon as we receive your message to discuss your situation and determine the best next steps.