Daily hotel-like cleaning

Plans start at $149/month. Cancel anytime.

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How it Works

Your neighborhood housekeeper

Choose from our pool of certified and experienced cleaning professionals.

Set it and Forget it

Your housekeeper works off a routine checklist so you don’t need to manage it.

Come home to a clean place

With daily cleanings, your dirty clothes and dishes will never pile up.

Trusted Neighborhood Housekeepers

Your housekeeper will learn your personalized preferences and clean just the way you want.

All housekeepers are background checked

Customizable Cleaning Tasks

Set specific tasks for your housekeeper for each day of the week. They’ll recur every week but you can also change them whenever you want.

Your Peace of Mind is Top of Mind

Security and trust are our No. 1 priority. All of our housekeeping partners must clear extensive background and identity checks and checklist items are covered by up to $1 million in insurance.

1 day a week
2 days a week
3 days a week
5 days a week
30 min cleanings
$149/moa month
$189/moa month
$269/moa month
1 hour cleanings
$149/moa month
$229/moa month
$299/moa month
$449/moa month

Billing & Subscription

Your first cleaning is free! You can select from different monthly plans based on your needs.

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