Daily 30 or 60 minute cleanings

Cancel any time.

How it Works

Choose a housekeeper

Our pool of housekeepers are all certified and experienced cleaning pros.

Set your cleaning tasks

Select a checklist that your housekeeper will work off so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Come home to a clean place

Daily cleanings mean your home consistently looks its best.

Trusted neighborhood housekeepers

Your chosen housekeeper will get to know your preferences so every clean is just how you like it.

All housekeepers are background checked

Your peace of mind is our priority

We know letting someone into your home can be nerve wracking. That’s why all our housekeepers pass background and identity checks before they ever start cleaning for us.

1 day a week
2 days a week
3 days a week
5 days a week
30 min cleanings
$149/moa month
$189/moa month
$269/moa month
1 hour cleanings
$149/moa month
$229/moa month
$299/moa month
$449/moa month

Billing & Subscription

Select the monthly plan that fits your need. Choose 30 minute or 1 hour cleanings at 1, 2, 3 or 5 days a week.