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Currently operating in San Francisco and New York City

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Here's what people are saying about us:

Complete Game Changer!

I think Fairy is going to be a complete game changer to the cleaning service industry for urban living. Maria, our cleaner, is very polite, professional, fast, and consistent. Overall, I feel like we've been getting 5-star service. The Fairy team takes customer feedback very seriously, and they are quick to respond.

I love that I can easily access my account online to manage my cleaning schedule and leave specific instructions for what I want the cleaner to focus on each day. Thank you for an amazing cleaning service Fairy team!

Neda HSan Francisco
Fairy customer for 4 months

Newfound Family Time

Fairy takes a major task off my plate everyday - cleaning up the mess my 1 year old makes! I now use my newfound time to spend with my 1 year old, instead of cleaning up after him.

I always have the biggest smile when I get the "Today's Fairy Housekeeping is Complete" email. It's a sense of relief knowing that my house will be clean on a daily basis.

I can't imagine my life without my magical fairies!

Renu GSan Francisco
Fairy customer for 3 months

Monthly Plans

  • 30 or 60 min cleanings Monday to Friday depending on plan
  • Customizable cleaning tasks
  • Substitute housekeepers at your request
  • Liability insurance


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What is Fairy?

The best daily 30-minute, hotel-style cleanings in the city. Period.

Fairy partners up with professional housekeepers in your neighborhood to bring you personalized daily housekeeping at an unbeatable price.

Each housekeeping partner is background-checked and comes with at least two years of cleaning experience. During each 30-minute appointment, they follow the agenda you set - whether it involves doing the dishes, scrubbing the floors, cleaning the bathroom, or taking out the trash - so you have time to live the life you love.

Livin' la vida loca? Our 5 day a week plan is just for you! Relatively tidy? Then 3 days a week will do!

Fairy's mission is simple: to deliver happiness to every home in the world. We cannot wait to start with yours!

Why daily housekeeping?

Unlike most traditional housekeeping services that come bi-weekly or monthly, our housekeeping partners intentionally come to clean daily so you can focus on the things that truly matter to you each and every day.

Because of our frequent cleanings, you don't have to worry about waiting until your next clean. You don't have to watch the dustmites pile up in your living room corner, or the number of clothes to be folded turn into a mini-Tower of Pisa. Our housekeeping partners take care of each housekeeping task immediately, so you can stop thinking about doing the dishes or taking out the trash and more about what you need to do to relax.

What can you accomplish in 30 minutes?

Our housekeeping partners can accomplish a lot in 30 minutes, though they aren't magicians. Since they come multiple times a week, our housekeeping partners are constantly keeping your place up and you'll notice that your place gets cleaner and cleaner as more time goes by.

In order to cater to your personalized needs, we offer two options for each 30-minute appointment:

Tasks: We now offer the ability for you to set tasks for each day of the week that your housekeeper partner comes into your home. During this process, you can also indicate the amount of time that you would like your housekeeper to spend on each task.

General Notes: If you choose not to enter in a focus area for the day, our housekeeping partners will refer to the general notes you have entered into your profile. These General Notes indicate notes that are specific to your home.

Where are you based?

Fairy is headquartered in San Francisco - a city brimming with innovation and nestled among some of the world's fastest-growing tech companies. We have recently expanded into New York City and have plans for total world domination.

What type of buildings do you service?

Fairy services residential building complexes (apartments and condos) in San Francisco and New York. We do not currently service individual townhouses, apartments, condos or homes outside of the city.

To check whether we service your building:

  1. Enter in your address, unit number and email in the fields above.
  2. Click "Check Availability."
  3. If we are servicing your building, you will be prompted to continue the trial sign-up process.
  4. If we are not servicing your building, we will keep your address on file and let you know when we are able to open up your building for service.

To open up a new building, we require at least 10 residents interested in our free housekeeping trial. Please see the "Other" section of the FAQs to see how you can rally up your neighbors to get Fairy into your community!

Who will be servicing my home?

Fairy has a network of housekeeping partners in neighborhoods all over San Francisco and New York City. To ensure you have a consistent experience, you will be able to request your primary housekeeper, who will become your regular. You will see information about a housekeeper before selecting them including reviews, reliability, the number of cleanings they have done, etc. Your housekeeper will be able to confirm your request once chosen.

Your housekeeper will also be servicing other residents in your building and will be able to properly service your home according to your needs. You have the option to change or request a new primary housekeeper on your profile at any time.

What else should I know right off the bat?

Our housekeeping partners and residents form the heart of our community and mission. Our partners set out every morning to fulfill your personalized needs. Our hospitality team scans your ratings and feedback hourly to ensure that no experience dips below 5-stars. And our national team works diligently behind-the-scenes to make sure your experience remains seamless.

We have been said to improve relationships between spouses, partners and roommates, and to have made many mothers (and fathers) proud.

So go ahead. Call your mother. Invite her over. Show her that she can sit on your couch without squishing a half-forgotten sandwich five days old. It will be the best birthday present ever.