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Do I have to be home for the cleanings?

No. If you will not be home at any time during your cleanings, please give your housekeeper permission to access if you’re in a building, or leave the key in a lockbox before your appointment time.

I’m in a building - How does my housekeeper access my unit when I’m not there?

Different buildings have different policies on how external vendors and contractors access their residents’ homes. Check your building’s access policies and determine the best way for your housekeeper to get into your home.

Please contact your building management or concierge to understand these specific policies before your cleaning appointment time. We also encourage you to provide detailed access instructions to your housekeeper.

The two most common access scenarios include:

  1. Your housekeeper picks up a set of spare keys at the Front or Concierge Desk when they visit. You will need to email your building’s main office and/or authorize Fairy Housekeeping via your online building portal ahead of time to allow them to access your apartment when you’re not home.

  2. We are happy to provide you with a coded lockbox where you can store an extra set of keys to help you coordinate better with your housekeeper.

What cleaning supplies will my housekeeper use?

Each of our Housekeeping Partners have their own supplies.

Our housekeeping partners are not provided with vacuums, mops, or brooms. Whenever possible, they will use Swiffers. If you have a vacuum and would like your housekeeper to use it, please leave a note under your house rules letting your housekeeper know where to find it.

If you want your housekeeper to use your own cleaning supplies, just make sure to let your housekeeper know by updating your settings under “House Rules & Notes” in the mobile app. You can also let them know by messaging them.

What if I have allergies to specific cleaning supplies?

Please let us know in your “House Rules & Notes” if you have any allergies to cleaning supplies, or if you have organic/green supplies you would rather use. We will be more than happy to accommodate using either the supplies you provide for us or by using more natural cleaning methods (i.e. using hot water and soap, vinegar, etc).

How do I rate my appointments and/or give feedback to my housekeeper?

After each appointment is completed, you will receive a notification from our mobile app. You can open the app and leave a rating or feedback for the housekeeper.

I love my housekeeper. How do I give him or her a tip for a job well done?

You can tip your housekeeper after each appointment by entering the desired tip amount via the mobile app. Some residents give a couple of dollars per appointment, while others will choose to wait until the week is over before giving a larger amount.

When and how often you tip is completely up to you - however, rest assured that every tip you give goes directly to your housekeeper!

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