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Laciena has been our favorite Fairy partner housekeeper since July of last year. She’s been with us since day 1 of our current office location. Laciena has such a warm, caring presence and for that we look forward to her daily visits. We’re grateful for having lucked out on such an awesome Fairy partner housekeeper! We consider her an essential member of our Kaliber Labs family - she eats with us, puts up with our crazy office personalities (and mess), and we’ve gotten to know more about her and her family. A cozy home is what keeps a family together, and Laciena keeps our office clean and cozy!

Read moreby Mark

When my youngest was born I had 2 kids under the age of 2, I was so busy with them that my daily chores at home would fall behind. Once we found Christine my life drastically changed, she is there to help with laundry or cleaning so that I can spend more time with my children. She feels like family now! My 2 year old loves her and knows her by name. She always shows up with a smile on her face, she is caring and sweet... we love having her around!

Read moreby Ashaley

Dulcinea is the absolute best I’ve worked with. Very glad I met her through fairy. She always goes above and beyond to keep our place exceptional. Highly recommend.

by Ankur

I love Fairy Cleaners. They really get the job done and their automated online system makes it easy for me to schedule and select my requested services.

by Clifford

Maria does a great job cleaning my apartment and is very reliable!

by Hema

My housekeeper Abbie Rhone, is a very friendly & considerate and does a good job. Very much worth the price if you get paired with a good cleaner.

by Alister

Abbie Rhone is my exclusive cleaner, and he is amazing. He’s a great guy and leaves the apartment looking wonderful!

by Dinero

Diane does a really nice job we are very pleased.

by Jerry

A friend of mine recommended Fairy, and I finally got around to try out the service in February. I started out with a two hour cleaning and was generally impressed with the communication and attention to detail of the cleaner. We don’t have a huge place but the cleaner really worked quickly and got a lot done. I recently started with weekly cleanings and so far it’s been great, easy to manage and it’s so nice getting the extra help every week.

by Alia

House was spotless as usual with great attention to detail! Thanks so much!

by Jenny

My new guy, Makiyah, is a champ. He’s attentive, smart, dedicated and fun to talk to.

by James

Nichole Braun is a wonderful fairy cleaner! Try to request her. My place is always spotless and she’s a huge fan of organization. I’ve used the service for close to a year now. You can’t beat the prices and level of service!

by Lauren

Ask for Maria B.
She has an awesome attitude and keeps my home spotless!!!

by Vijay

Chassidy has been cleaning our apartment on a weekly basis since January. She’s done a great job and has been very flexible when schedules abruptly change or there are weather disruption. The apartment is clean and tidy when we come home and we’ve enjoyed working with her.

by Jessica

So excited I found Fairy! Gladys was super thorough and stayed an additional hour to make sure everything was perfect. And it was :)

by Vicky

Naty is such a great cleaner. She comes to our place every week. Happy with the service. Thank you!

by David

There were big logistic issues early on and problems with the site, but things are good now. I love coming home to a tidy closet and bed with shining, dog hair-free hardwood floors. Becky is great. The days of running home to clean before a date are over!

by Connor

This review is for my regular cleaner Maria B. She does a consistently great job putting our apartment back together, and is like part of our family (she was around when I was super pregnant and was able to meet the newborn and watch him grow during my maternity leave). She’s super nice and accommodating whenever I need her to do something specific, and remembers to do it during future appointments.

by Chloe

Huge, amazing feeling of relief thanks to Fairy! Having someone take care of the cleaning around the house on a weekly basis is something I’ve been looking into for awhile. But finding someone that can clean my place with the care I personally use proved difficult until using Fairy and meeting Karla. Fairy has been super flexible with my sometimes crazy schedule and my housekeeper Karla has made my home look new after every cleaning. When she arrives she gets right to work covering every area I’ve asked her to take care of. Karla does a better job than I ever did. I couldn’t be happier with the service i’ve received! Props to Karla and to Fairy for giving me one less thing to worry about with their amazing service.

Read moreby Deysi

Nice and friendly did a good cleaning Gladys did everything that was expected and then some.

by Owen

This service is honestly AWESOME! It’s so nice having someone come in everyday, even for just a short period of time -- it makes a big difference. And it’s very affordable. I love my housekeeper Abbie R. He’s super friendly, and really does a great job. Highly recommend this service. =)

Read moreby Matt

Great service if you live in one of the buildings they serviced. As with all things in life, finding the right person is important. Logan has been awesome.

by Kevin

We have had a great experience with Fairy once we got matched with Maria B around 1.5 years ago. She is very reliable, friendly, trustworthy, and thorough which makes this type of frequent, brief cleaning work well for us.

Read moreby Michael

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Are housekeepers background checked?Yes! All housekeepers have passed a thorough background and identity check. In addition, we vet each housekeeper in person for professionalism and cleaning quality.
Why are prices so low?Housekeepers spend less time traveling and more time cleaning using Fairy’s smart scheduling technology. We pass the savings onto you through low prices without sacrificing quality.
What’s included in cleanings?Housekeepers are experienced cleaners who follow a standard checklist. You can also provide specific instructions anytime after booking.
What happens after I book?We’ll send an email and text with details of your plan, housekeeper, and your first cleaning appointment. Manage your appointments and housekeeper through website.
Do I have to be home for my appointments?Housekeepers love meeting their customers, but it’s up to you. If you don’t plan to be home, just let your housekeeper know how to get in.
Are supplies provided?Housekeepers bring basic cleaning supplies. Have specific preferences? Just ask your housekeeper about it.
When is my credit card charged?You’re only charged after your first cleaning. 100% money-back guaranteed.
What happens if I want to change my primary housekeeper?Request a different primary housekeeper at any time.

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